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Cleveland's Rock and Roll Roots

Ever since Cleveland disc jockey Alan Freed first called the records he was playing "rock and roll," northeast Ohio has been a driving force in this musical phenomenon. From the disc jockeys who spun the music to the musicians who played it, the clubs that welcomed it and fans who encouraged it, rock and roll has been as much a part of this north coast as the lake that hugs it. It was those early years, from the 1950s on, that led Cleveland to becoming the "Rock and Roll Capital of the World" and ultimately home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. While the city spawned several widely recognized names, such as the James Gang (with Joe Walsh), the Raspberries (with Eric Carmen), and Bobby Womack, it is the music itself that will keep this town rocking on the shores of Lake Erie, and beyond, for a long time to come.

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Rock 'n' Roll and the Cleveland Connection

From the Publisher

Deanna Adams spent hundreds of hours researching recollections of the musicians, deejays, journalists, and fans who made up the Cleveland rock scene from the 1950s to the 1990s. The Kent State University Press is pleased to be the publisher of this excellent book.

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 Confessions of a Not-so-Good Catholic Girl

Confessions of a Not-So-Good Catholic Girl is a collection of true tales about growing up a baby boomer in the Midwest.

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These coming-of-age stories, wide ranging in subject matter, are slices of life, experiences most of us share: internal conflicts, personal relationships, life-altering moments—whether you grew up Catholic or not.

Weave in historic events and pop culture trends and you have a book of nostalgic adventures that will evoke your own life memories—with laughter, warmth, and fond reflection.

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What others are saying about Confessions of a Not-So-Good Catholic Girl:

Deanna has "produced a series of crisp, witty, honest essays . . . an accomplished essayist." - Cool Cleveland

"Her delivery is candid, forthright, and amusing. Adams perspective is no-nonsense; she shoots straight from the hip with a voice that conveys a direct and open-minded attitude." - National Association of Baby Boomer Women.

"Reading Deanna Adams' Confession of a Not-So-Good Catholic Girl is more fun than smoking rope with the Pope" - Michael Heaton, Minister of Culture, Cleveland Plain Dealer

"An interesting, entertaining book" - Jim McIntyre, WDOK's Morning "Infoman"

"Adams can be funny. She can be poignant."-

"It's a woman's story. It's a bike-ridin', Rolling Stones-lovin', motherhood story. And it might be your story too." - The News-Herald.