February 23 2007

February 23 – Yes, still the same date – but I Have Breaking News for an Important Apology

I made a really embarrassing blunder the other day, and although I did make a personal apology, I feel this is a good opportunity to talk a little about the writing world in which live.   

Ok, here goes: So I decide to write my very first review on Amazon and choose Carlo Wolff’s new book, “Cleveland Rock & Roll Memories” because some people thought that just because he wrote a book on the same topic as I did, that I’d be upset about that.  On the contrary, I thought it was great. I love my city and I’m proud of its musical heritage and the more books about it, the better, far as I’m concerned. So to all you Ohio rockers - keep ‘em coming. There are...


certainly enough stories to go around. 

Anyway, and it pains me, still, to bring it up, but somehow in the process of writing the review (cringe), I (cringe, cringe) misspelled (cringe, cringe, cringe) his name! Not his last name - his first name! Carlo unintentionally became Carol. And apparently, no one checks these things before it goes into print, kind of like one newspaper awhile ago which posted an ad for a proof reader but it came out, “Prof Reader Needed.” Apparently.

And getting a professor for the job is a real good idea.  

Anyway, as I told Carlo, I have a real dyslexia problem when it comes to typing, though I’m not sure he really bought that excuse. Because he’s a writer, too - a real prolific one at that. And everyone, especially those who aren’t writers, naturally assume that writers are great typists. I mean, they’d have to be or they couldn’t write, right?

Well, let’s just say that I’ve always been a Horse of a different color.  

I’m here to confess that I am not the best typist. Mediocre, on a good day. And because of this dyslexia, or whatever the cause may be, I make lots of mistakes and constantly have to go back and switch the i’s and e’s and apostrophes (they always land in the wrong place). And sometimes, like the newspaper that desperately needed that proof reader, I don’t catch it. And that’s really embarrassing when you put a good writer smack in the middle of your World Wide Web blunder. Once again, sorry Carlo L 

So anyway, here are just some of the words I always screw up: From. Always comes out form. And sometimes I actually mean to say form. But then it comes out from.

Believe – again, that i and e switch.

Because  - that always comes out becuase the first itme out. OH, and as you see, there’s another one Time.   

And speaking of which, it’s time to move on. …

Because I made a promise to myself when I started this blog thing that I can’t let my Blog bore people. Becuase, oops, because, then I’d have to change it from Blog Banter to Boring Blog. And that’s just not good marketing. So I aim to keep these things short and to the point. Well, as much as I - who does tend to ramble (and okay, talk too much on occasion) - can do. So please stay tuned next week when I reveal Some of My Favorite Things (ok, so I stole that one from Oprah. But they say, if you’re gonna steal, steal from the best - but always put a twist on it). So this one will reveal not only some of my favorite things, but some of my favorite people (the emphasis on the word some is essential, as to not offend anyone or any company I may not mention, more on that later). 

So ‘til next time, be happy. And be nice (see below).

Even if you are a rich Pig.