April 8 2007

Say It Isn’t Snow!…

I should say Happy Easter (yes, I am writing this on a holiday because first, I finally have time, and second, it’s 7 a.m., I’m wide awake, and the family isn’t), but as I look out my office window this bright morning, I see that it is not bright due to a marvelous glare of eye-blinding spring sunlight, but from a continuous flurry of white flakes swirling around the landscape like it’s December instead of April.
So in keeping with the mood this wintry scene brings – I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.
Even I, who generally appreciates a beautiful blanket of snow, am less than thrilled. The groundhog - back on February 2 - did NOT see his shadow. And so, everyone across the Midwest was all giddy that, based on some such ancient belief, that we were guaranteed an EARLY SPRING.
And actually, if that varmint could talk he’d say, “Hey, you silly humans, I wasn’t lyin’ – you DID have an...


early spring – remember? Last Tuesday, April 3, when it reached


80-degrees? People running around in shorts and tank tops, lying in the sun  . . . THAT was your spring, folks, hope you enjoyed the day. Now leave me alone till next year.” 


Yeah, just wait till next year, Bucko, and see if you get any press at all. You can just crawl back in your hole and stay there….  


More Favorites 


Okay, now that I’m done addressing the lyin’, over-rated, and not funny at all, groundhog (who incidentally is not one of my favorites), I’ll continue with the winter theme by way of Thanksgiving. In this fast-paced lifestyle we live, it’s so easy to take things for granted. So on this snow-covered Easter holiday, take a moment to bask in the many simple pleasures in life.


Mine include the freshly ground coffee I sip as we speak. We used to have gourmet coffee only on Sundays, but Jeff (the hubby) and I decided we deserve to have it everyday. So we bought a grinder and alternate between Hazelnut, French Vanilla and whatever else the store may offer. Yes, a simple pleasure but a wonderful indulgence.  


I’m also grateful that I’m at a point in my career where I can work at home and write in my PJs. I don’t have to battle traffic jams, or coworkers, or try to make everyone happy (well, except for editors).


And since she is lying against my back right now, I have to say I’m also grateful for what I call my little muse - a pretty calico cat who turns 10 next month. Jeff of course named her, Harley, after his favorite thing. She was our daughters’ Christmas present all those years ago, and truth be told (I’m glad the cat can’t read over my shoulder) I wasn’t too crazy about her at first. I like male cats, and tabbys in particular. This female feline, even at 7 months old which is when we got her, had an attitude from the start. You’d think she would’ve been grateful to us for saving her life there in that pound - but no, she’d prance around the house like she owned the place. Like we should be at her beck-and-call, and only pet her whenever she felt like it (and she really hated being pick up, still does).


Yet like all of us who reach a certain age, she has mellowed considerably. She comes up to us now, all cute and purring. And she has adopted my chair, so that when I write I have to move her over before I sit down (and sometimes she actually stretches out her legs in an attempt to push me off! So yes, she still harbors a bit of an attitude). But writing is a lonely profession, where you spend many solitary hours trying to eek out a living, so I do enjoy her quiet company.  


And speaking of reaching a certain age -


Happy Birthday to my Honorable Web Master, Mike Miheli – who is also a pretty good drummer. (okay, amazing drummer)


It’s your last year of your 30s, so better enjoy those shots of Jack Daniels. They won’t like you much once you hit your 40s. Or so I hear J  


Okay, family’s up and there’s snow to plow [!], and Easter baskets to indulge in.  


Lots more topics to cover next week (that does not include a weather report) once my deadlines are met. Also, some photos for your continued entertainment. Stay tuned.  


Till next time  - Stay Warm