February 2008

Let’s Not Get All Crazy Here, Folks  . . .
Okay, so it’s an election year. And yes, it’s the most exciting, controversial, actually quite interesting, election year in the history of our country.
Still, that doesn’t mean we have to get all Ga-Ga over a candidate just because he tells you everything you want to hear. Especially when we’re not quite sure just HOW he’s going to do all these wonderful things.
Don’t get me wrong. I’m a bit impressed with Obama myself. How can you not be? And perhaps—because I don’t get to...

see and read everything that’s out there about any detailed plans if he becomes a president—I may have missed a few things, like the particulars on how, exactly, he’s going to execute all his great ideas (and yes, they sound pretty great).


I just don’t think we should give him this much power. Especially this early in the game.


He hasn’t yet earned it. And it’s kind of unnerving to see people acting like he’s a rock star. I don’t want a rock star as my president (well, maybe Mick Jagger – ok, just kidding) but it’s starting to look like a cult out there. Geeze, people are practically bowing down to the guy wherever he goes, like he’s this great king (who has yet, I might add, to have gained enough experience to make me comfortable with him as our Commander-in-Chief of this great country, and thus, in my opinion earned the right for Americans to treat him as such). Though, I will say I kind of like his wife.




And no, it’s not because I’m voting for Hillary. The jury’s still out on that.


And by the way, Hillary, if you’re reading this (well, it could happen!) I am really, really sorry I hung up on you the other day when you called. You see, it was right at the time Steve Boone from the Lovin’ Spoonful was scheduled to call me (more on that next month, folks) and I thought it was him and I really needed to be available, so when you called, I just didn’t have time to talk.


Please call again. Mornings are usually good. . .




And then of course, we have McCain. Who I liked a lot before this whole thing started, but he’s getting a little surly lately. And you got to think how a president’s going to deal with things when people piss him (or her) off. After all, you got to keep a level head, and not jump the gun, so to speak.


Plus, I’m holding out to see, if he goes all the way, who his running mate will be. After all, let’s face it. He’s kind of old for the job. And with that young wife of his, well, you know, things can happen. . . .






New “Amazing” Invention on QVC


Speaking of old (well, older), if you’re anywhere near my age, you, too, wake up every night, say, around 2:30 a.m. At which point you get up, go to the bathroom, go back to bed, only to begin thinking what you have to do tomorrow or what you did yesterday, or 10 years ago, or what your grown single child—who is way too young and beautiful to be on her own—is doing right now, or how, in fact, you even get to an age that you have a grown child, and that you have to get up every friggin’ night to go to the bathroom…


So you get up and go to the computer or click on the TV. Me, I go the TV route because frankly it’s the only time I get the controller. So I’m channel-surfing and something catches my attention. This guy on QVC is selling this great new invention for your digital camera. Of course, I don’t recall the name of it because I didn’t write it down and well, it was 3 in the morning…


But it was a octopus-like “mini-tripod” for your camera about the size of your hand, with flexible “legs” that goes on your camera to supposedly (emphasis on supposedly) be able to stand it up “to ensure a perfect, steady photo.” So the guy tries to stand it up on the table in front of him and he’s putting the bendable “legs” every which way and it still won’t stand on its own (by now I’m laughing so hard, I can forget about falling back to sleep). Then you see a fake tree next to him (I am not making this up folks) so after giving up on showing how this “remarkable, easy to use” nifty device that he doesn’t dare let go of because it’ll fall flat on its viewfinder, and right off the table, he goes over to the tree and wraps those bendable plastic legs around the fake plastic branches, and after several attempts, finally gets that sucker wrapped tight and boasts, “Look, folks! You can even place it in the tree to get that perfect shot of those birds.”


Okay, all together now . . .




And one more thought, why the hell would you put the camera on the table, then have to bend down, and lean over to take a picture anyway? And sure, there are those who cannot hold a camera steady, so how ’bout just bringing a friend along who can? Even if you have to buy them a beer after the photo shoot, or several beers, it’s still cheaper than the “low price” of just $17.94, plus $4.95 S&H (and why, I have to ask, the weird .94 cents thing, instead of the normal .99??


Well, least it kept me from thinking about what I did 10 years ago…




Picture This!




Because my blog readers really enjoy pictures with their prose, here a few just to keep you reading J


Here are some cool guitars from the Guitar Mania last year at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum


And yes, I still have stories about Cody, which will have wait till when I have nothing else to say (yeah, it might be awhile), but he’s still cute


We also still have “Harley” who was here before Cody, and has always been a little  prima-donna, so of course hates, hates, hates this big, black animal who has invaded her home!



I love this Bar!




Okay, now where were we. Oh, yeah…




Kindle This!


One new gadget that is sure to have a longer shelf life than the camera “mini-tripod” octopus legs is the new Kindle, the hot new “wireless reading device” that is currently all the rage – at $399.00 a pop.


 I’m sorry, but if it doesn’t look like a book, feel like a book, or smell like a book, I’m not buyin’…


Yeah, I know. It really is a pretty cool device, and I’m sure it’ll get more young people to read again (other than Harry Potter) and that’s a great thing.


Still, what about all those great “author book signings.” Can they have “Kindle signings?” Hmmm. Doesn’t sound right to me.


Yes, I understand the importance of technology and all. But like when Britney Spears recorded her own version of the Rolling Stones “Satisfaction” (AGHH!!) some things should just be left well enough alone, as my mother used to say . . .




My Very Own My Space


So my oldest daughter thought I should have my own My Space because it’s a good networking tool and she thinks her mother should be up on all that technology has to offer. So one day last week after we went to lunch she says, “Come on Mom, let’s get you your own My Space. “Uh, okay,” I said, just happy that she actually likes spending time with me now (she actually talks to me now!).


I have to say we had fun picking out all these pictures where I could choose my favorite books (Yeah, real books, no Kindles!), my favorite films, my favorite music and actors, actresses and heroes...


But now that it’s there, I forget about it. This same daughter (who is my My Space manager) just called me the other day, “Mom, you have like 10 messages on your My Space.” “My what? Oh, yeah, I got a My Space!”


Maybe I’ll remember tomorrow. At 2:30 in the morning…




Happy Birthday to Me


It’s my birthday today as I write this, and I don’t feel a day over 29. Though I’m still getting over a little conversation I had with my youngest daughter, the teenager one. Last night, she plops down on the couch beside me and says, “So Mom, you excited about your birthday tomorrow?”


I looked at her and decided to give her a bit of reality from a middle-aged broad who wakes up in the middle of the night and starts watching QVC.


“Honey, when you get to be my age, you’re just excited that you get another birthday!”


How true. And, being here, as opposed to there means more time with all my favorite people. Cool.


So yeah, that’s pretty exciting to me.




So Till Next Time, listen to the candidates very carefully, don’t drink water two hours before bedtime, and sure why not, get yourself a My Space…

Cheers everyone! J.